Is it safe to take 2 Sleep Aid Pills?

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It’s walmart brand and each pill is 50mg of Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride.

yeah. u’ll just fall asleep

most likely not but i bet lots of people do it with no bad affects

The bottle may say 50mg…But when you take them and have a light head the next day you know that they are more then 50mgs.
Only a drug addict will take pills like that. Be smart and think before you take any pills. Talk to your family doctor.

Strawberry P says June 30th, 2010 at 6:52 pm

No, the package insert should tell you how many you can safely take. And I can advise you right here and now if it is Diphenhdramine Hydrochloride- this is Benadryl. 50mg, of Benedryl is the maximum oral does we give in the emergency room. So please just take one. Otherwise see your doctor for something for sleep, if your having a difficult time sleeping. Thanks for the opportunity to answer your question.

Dr.Seshagirirao-MBBS. says June 30th, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Not safe unless U are sleepless
Sleeping pill is not a good option as ………….sleeplessness is a manifestation of an underlying disorder. pills are required to alleviate disorders that cause insomnia to correct chemival imbalances in the brain .”The two kinds of available slee;ping pills are – addictive and non addictive . Calmpose and alprazolam are commonly available addictive drugs that are harmful and do not cure the disease, “says Dr.Dwivedi .The non-addictive benzodiazepine medications are good for acute or cronic insomnia. . The side effects of sleeping pills are also a problem and hence it is better to practice Tips for goos sleep.

by Dr Seshagirirao,Vandana.MBBS
Tips to get good sleep .

go to bed (sleep ) early in the night (by arround 9-10 PM)

wake early in the morning by arround 6AM

avoid cafinated drings – tea , coffee, cola drings , alcohol and smoking ,late in the evening

daily exercise in the early mirning

see a comfortable bed room atmospere

don’t sleep in the day time

if you don’t get sleep , please don’t see the watch for time but read a book of your interest

It depends on what your taking. If its a prescription take only as many as directed. If it is an OTC medicine, follow the directions on the package until you consult a physician, and lastly, if it is a substance already found in your body – such as melatonin – yes it is okay. Hope this helps!

What does the package say? I wouldn’t take more than the recommended dosage as you could wake up in the morning feeling really groggy and out of it.