Help me please my sister is trying to sleep with me?

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My sister every other night has been giving me some strong hints that she wants me a couple of times she tries to stick her hand in my pants I have been telling her to stop and you probably hear this alot, she is pretty hot I don’t know what the heck i should do she sometimes tries to make me look at her naked I have tried my hardest to avoid looking at her as she gets older she learns more and finds even better ways for me to try and look at her what should I do?
Info may help I am not 18 I am 23 my sis is 21

that’s sick and nasty. she’s your sister.

Ignore her

confront her about and try not to give in…you might regret it if you do

if shes your full sister then i suggest telling her shes a wierdo and to get a boyfriend
but if shes half then its not AS bad but a wee bitty wierd

if your actually related, tell your parents cause that is just plain disgusting. If it’s like your step sister or something, then go a head and get freaky but if your related and u get her pregnant then ur baby is screwed and im sure ur parents wont be happy with both of your decisions. If she does it a gain and you dont want her to then just push her away and say straight up no! Thats really wierd.

wow…you should not do it. She obviously needs help. Please try to take her to a counsellor or therapy. were she can get help because if you sleep with her or you don’t, it will affect your relationship with each other. Is she older? Either way just tell an authority figure to help you.
Don’t be afraid.

That is sick and wrong. You have every right to avoid her. You are right, she is wrong, that’s utterly disgusting. It’s illegal for siblings or half-siblings to have sex in the US, and in most states, for 1st cousins. If she’s an adopted sister, no relation, then just firmly tell her no and to go away. If she’s really harassing you, I would tell your parents to get it to stop.

tell your parents about this and suggest that they bring your sister to psychiatrist. I think she has an attitude problem or sickness which should be corrected at once to bring her to normal thinking. Do it at once to help her.

sit her down and explain to her exactly why this is not on…don’t forget to include your feelings on why you don’t want it not just right from wrong general statements. tell her very clearly that if she doesnt knock it off you’l go to your parents about it. this can’t be a bluff. give her fair warning so she has a chance to stop, but if she does it just once thereafter, you’ll have to tell them about it. and yes i know that will be a very difficult thing to do but it is important that this boundary be made very clear. it is important both for now and for the future as her development could be affected negatively if such issues get ignored simply because they are too awkward to deal with;
good luck.

don’t do anything with her, that’s your sister. and that’s incest also, not good

ravin_lunatic says March 16th, 2010 at 1:58 am

Judging by your other questions, you are over involved with yourself! I seriously doubt this has ever happened. Don’t you get any attention at home??


ịcąгυѕ says March 16th, 2010 at 2:20 am

Get her a referral to a psychologist or mental ward.

Is this true if it is keep telling her to stop

OMG!!! I am dying laughing trying to read this… You’re too funny. Incest is the best, put your sister to the test!