Sudafed 12 hour non-drowsy & Sleep Aid?

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Sudafed 12 hour Non-Drowsy is all I’ve got at the moment but I’m miserable and it works well. However, I’d like to go to sleep, and I don’t sleep well with a plugged up nose. Would taking a sleep aid (without pain reliever in it) like Tylenol Simply Sleep (Not Tylenol PM) counter the wakeful feeling from the Sudafed? I’m pretty sure it’s safe to take them together but I don’t want to take them and not be able to sleep.
I should add that: Benadryl® Allergy & Cold Caplets® containing Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride, Acetaminophen, and Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride is basically what the combo I’ll be taking is…probably in slightly different amounts, with no acetaminophen. I just don’t know if they’d let me sleep.

Better not to mix, even if you’re pretty sure it’s OK. Meds aren’t always predictable, and each of us has our own body chemistry that may or may not affect drug actions and interactions.
Some non-drug helps would be things like hot herbal tea (like chamomile) or even just hot water, which helps the nose, and helps put you to sleep at the same time. Sitting up, like on a couch or recliner, with covers and quiet music has helped me in the past. Once you’ve taken the Sudafed, don’t take something else to counteract it; you’ll have to let it wear off on its own. Soothing, thoughtless stuff helps; television, favorite books, anything that doesn’t make you think, and that you’re familiar with, is good to get the mind calmed and quieted. Good Luck!

Sudafed is a decongestant and sleep aids, Like Tylenol Simply Sleep, are antihistamines which also have a drying effect on the nose. Try just the sleep aid first and if that doesn’t dry up your congestion then add the Sudafed.

The decongestant Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) can (in some people) be very stimulatory and cause trouble sleeping. The antihistamine sleep aid diphenhydramine (also known as Benadryl and Sominex) may counteract and help you sleep, but no one can predict.

Antihistamines and decongestants have historically been used together to treat cold symptoms and allergies. The general concensus has always been that the two opposing effects (stimulation vs drowsiness) would counteract each other. In actuality the effect on each person is different. The only way to know how it will effect you? You must find out on your own. It least you can rest assured that taking them together is not a problem.

I hope this helps.

Rick the Pharmacist

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I need a decongestant for drainage that blocks me up at 4 am. I am not allergic to anything I have been tested for, but a straight decongestant keeps me awake. So I take Drixoral Cold and Allergy, which contains pseudoephedrine and an antihistamine and I find it lets me sleep and keeps me (mostly) clear. As you have probably found, buying pseudoephedrine products has become a real drag with states (like Texas where I live) putting different limits than the feds. In Texas, because most pharmacies sell only 20 tablet boxes and the state put a limit of 2 boxes a month for a product to be taken twice a day, you can only buy a 20 supply each month (without cheating) By using an internet non-prescription source (I use Medco), I can buy 30 tablet packages and get a month’s supply once a month.(2 boxes)