What MEDICATIONS can you take for insomnia? any advice from sufferers or doctors?

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I am looking for any medications which as less problematic in term of addiction and can be used for more than just 2 weeks or so. So preferably ones which have less addiction/dependence potential. They don’t have to be spercifically for sleeping as long as they work for sleeping?

Do not take medicine for insomnia. Take medicine for cause of insomnia. i.e. do not take medicine to induce sleep. Findout the conditions that are causing sleeplessness and remove it.
Sleeplessness can cause by Hyperactivity of mind, depressing events, sorrow or loss or death in family, friends or relatives, due to shocks of various kinds, worries and business matters, during menopause, pregnancy, pains and headaches, stomach pains, indigestion, anxiety due to exams, inteviews, over exertion, alcoholism, over excitement, exhaustion, stress, weakness, nervousness, fear of sleep, aching muscles, tension, hard labour, cramps and neuralgic pains, Insomnia on bad news, Insomnia on happy news, dentition and dental pain, mental illness, halucinations, asthma, night terrors and dreams, due to heat, due to coldness, restlessness, drugs withdrawal symptoms, medicine side effects, addictiveness to sleeping pills, insanity, sinile insomnia, dysmenorrhea, coughs, menopause, prolapse of uterus, urinary disturbances, fractures,sleeping in new bed,new place, diseases, ailments of various kinds, changes in timings of sleeping, sedentary habits like smoking, drinking, tea coffee consumption in excess, acidity and heartburn, gastric disturbances and many other reasons. Once the cause is determined, use appropriate medicines in homeopathy in appropriate potencies and remove the recurring cause, insomnia will disappear. Sit in meditation for fifteen minutes before sleep and soon you will be in deep sleep whatever be the cause. For meditation just sit comfortably anywhere with body straight and watch the deep breathing in and deep breathing out. Drop all the thoughts from the mind and just concentrate on the breathing. You will enter a realm of peace and calmness. Meditation is conscious sleeping, and sleeping is unconscious meditation.

With some 30 plus years of sleep insomnia under my belt I believe to overcome insomnia is a mystery.
A good basic non prescription medication that has worked for me in 3-6 month spells is a natural cures melatonin from a bottle! Anything else, you need to go through the ritual of 3-4 weeks assimilation, side effects trial etc. All remedies for insomnia have different effects per person.
My suggestion is – spend the time instead, in adjusting your 24 hour life cycle around your insomnia problems. Here is my remedy for insomnia as an example:
Between 10pm-midnight sleep 2 hours. Then do paperwork for 1 hour with a glass of wine. As my eyes and body slow down, back to sleep for another couple of hours. Then do phone calls going towards ahead time zones do admin. By now it is 6-7am. Sleep another 2-3 hours (the best sleep) Add a siesta between 1pm-3pm. Easy. I like it. My wallet likes it. My girl friend has adjusted and things run smoothly.
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