Which works better as a sleep aid, tylenol pm or nyquil?

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don’t tell me how bad they are for you because i already know. the alternative is worse.

slavebunney says May 22nd, 2010 at 7:18 pm

I’ve been told by pharmacy techs that NyQuil is suppose to work better as a sleep aid. I personally believe that Tylenol PM would probably work better because both the Tylenol and the Benadryl in it I believe have a better sedating effect than NyQuil. Sometimes all it takes is 2 extra strength Tylenols to help me doze off. =)

Tylenol is good – if you take it and go lay down right away you will wake up refreshed after a good nigh sleep.
NyQuil– is strong and good but it has other medication in it that will make you and keep you drowsy all day long after you sleep good.
If you got a cold take NyQuil if you just want to sleep take Tylenol pm.

Nite quil is a cold medicine its for that reason and Tylenol pm can be for occasional sleeplessness Tylenol is a better choice

Nyquil works better for me. Tylenol didn’t do much for me.

Why don’t you try the vitamin melatonin. It works really well and the dosage is really low so you don’t have to worry about becoming dependent on it. It actually helps to establish a sleeping pattern there for once you establish a normal pattern you will not have to take it. You can find it a Walgreens or CVS you know places like that for $8